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Our Aim

澳洲5历史开奖记录官方 幸运澳洲5 Jiminy Crickets is a small, friendly pre-school in the beautiful countryside location of Ashford Hill. We can take a maximum of
20 children per session aged from 2 years to school age.

Our aim is to provide a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment, where your child is valued as an individual and can learn through play and develop at their own pace. Childcare is provided by qualified and highly experienced staff, ensuring a high standard of care with low child to staff ratios.



We aim to make the move from 澳洲幸运5开奖官网开奖结果 pre-school to 'big' school as smooth as possible. We have forged close links with Ashford Hill Primary School which is located just across the recreation ground. However, we do have children who attend other
schools in the area and we
can communicate with those school aswell.


The children make regular visits, especially during the summer term before they start. The Reception and Head teachers
visit us so that the children are familiar and happy with their
new surroundings when they
start school.



We are registered and approved by Ofsted and received a rating of Good in our June 2023 inspection.


We receive funding from Hampshire County Council for those children who are eligible. Children become eligible from the beginning of the term after their 3rd Birthday.

Term dates 2023/24
Autumn Term
Half term dates:
23rd - 29th of October
15th of December - 2nd of January

Spring Term

Half term dates: 
12th - 16th of February
2nd - 12 of April
Summer Term

Half term dates:
28th - 31st of May
22nd of July - summer break
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